The RICE Protocol

A novel protocol providing the element of protection.

For 50 years email has followed its original protocol which allows anyone with your email address to send emails to your inbox. You have to do all of the work sorting through your inbox to find the emails you actually want. While many users have additional spam filters, junk rules, etc.; those systems fail to keep your inbox free from most of the unwanted messages. You still have to do all of the work to find the emails you actually want.

Take back control of your inbox

The RICE Protocol [Review Incoming Confirm Evaluate] returns control of your inbox back to you. The protocol limits inbox emails to the emails you want to see. For all other email senders, we allow you to shift the burden of work back onto the sender.

The RICE protocol will Review all Incoming emails, Confirm if the email is approved to enter your inbox, and Evaluate unknown senders for addition to your approved senders list.

Get rid of unwanted emails

The ’magic’ is moving the burden of work to the sender. You no longer have to do all the work required to find the emails you want and to get rid of emails you don’t want.

With the RICE protocol, all new senders will be asked to complete an inbox request form before their email can get into your inbox. If they don’t do their work first (i.e., complete the inbox request form ), you won’t have to spend any of your time and attention sorting through the unwanted messages they send to overwhelm your inbox.

The evaluation process

Let the RICE protocol do its magic for you.

Your time and attention is your most precious asset. Don’t waste it sorting through all the junk and spam you receive. Take back control.

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