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"I've unsubscribed from an ungodly amount of emails but I still get messages. Bulletproof has been perfect because it takes care of the ones I can't seem to get rid of even though I unsubscribe every 7 days or every week, I keep getting emails. Bulletproof has been keeping it out of my face so it's been awesome."
Tido L.
"Bulletproof dramatically reduced the noise and spam emails that used to fill my inbox. Thanks to Bulletproof, I get to focus on the most important emails right away without having to sift through all the junk."
Rodney R.
"Bulletproof is great! It's really helped me not need to sort through the spam I usually get."
Harris B.
"Bulletproof Inbox got rid of all my unwanted emails. It not only saves me lots of time but now the phishing emails never get to where they can cause damage."
John B.
"With Bulletproof Inbox I get all my work done using email and get my life back. No more sifting through invasive emails and personal intrusions that burn up my time. Email is a viable communication tool for me again!"
Patrick K.
"Boy this is the fix. No spam has arrived in my inbox for 3 days - I'm sad to say that's a record."
Connor S.
"With a ton of emails from random websites, I get dozens of spam/promotion emails that I really don’t want, but would hate to have to go through and unsubscribe. Not only that, but it’s annoying to have my phone going off constantly with pointless emails. Thanks to Bulletproof I’m able to see what I want to see with ease & little disturbance."
Madelyn S.