How It Works

Email is old and outdated. That’s why we are changing it.

For 50 years, if someone had your email address, they could load up your inbox. Senders have to do little work to reach you, and when you add the advancement of marketing automation and AI, our inboxes have only gotten worse.

How email currently works

How Bulletproof works

With Bulletproof Inbox, we reverse the burden of work. Bulletproof only allows Approved Senders into your inbox, while blocking all the domains / emails that you don’t want. Bulletproof integrates directly with your email so there’s no need to learn a new app or interface.


Lands in your inbox automatically based on your email history


[Folder Bp: Evaluating]
A folder for reviewing unknown senders. Approve or block if/when you want to.


[Folder Bp: Blocked]
A folder for unwanted email.
Out of sight, out of mind.

You're in control

Move a message to one of these folders in your email app - new messages from the sender will automatically go to that same folder.

Getting started is easy


Connect your inbox

Link Bulletproof Inbox to your existing Gmail or Outlook account.


Currently supporting Gmail and Outlook


Bulletproof gets to work

It automatically identifies priority senders and sets up folders to filter out noise.


Refine over time

Bulletproof learns and adapts as you continue to use your inbox.

The open access inbox stops here.


How does Bulletproof Inbox work?
Bulletproof Inbox integrates directly with Gmail, Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, and any email hosted by Microsoft Outlook. Bulletproof is also compatible with the Apple Mail app (as long as the email is hosted by Gmail or Microsoft). Bulletproof technology reviews all incoming senders and determines who makes it to your inbox based on the settings you set up in your Bulletproof account. Messages from Approved Senders will be in your inbox. If you have blocked a sender once, you will never see them again. As for unknown senders, Bulletproof will automatically send them an inbox request form asking them why they want to contact you. You will no longer have to do the work of weeding through unwanted emails. Bulletproof pushes the work back onto the sender! Enjoy your clean inbox.
How is the Approved Sender List created?
Bulletproof will automatically build your initial approved sender list. The list is created by including your email contacts and anyone who you have emailed in the recent past. We will also review senders in your inbox to find Domains that frequently email you so that you can approve or block them. You can add or update senders or Domains as Approved or Blocked within your Approved sender list at any time.
Does Bulletproof Inbox read my email?
No. Bulletproof Inbox protects your inbox without reading or recording your email. When running the application, Bulletproof will view the sender’s email address, subject line, date sent, and name. With most interactions, Bulletproof only stores the name and email address of the recipients in the message. Bulletproof NEVER views message bodies, nor stores any message body data. See our privacy policy for more details.